Finding The Right Team Collaboration Tools

How do you bring your team together during a crisis? How do you create an environment where there is a single point of command and control? How do you communicate on a single platform and on a device that most people carry in their pocket? How do you track and report all of the information being shared during an incident?

2014-11-06 09.34.01 am

These questions and many others have had first responders scratching their heads for years, and the answer is not a simple one unless you have looked at the DragonForce Team Collaboration Tools.

DragonForce empowers you and your teammates to share information through the Command Center Module in real-time: providing instant messaging, location awareness, photo and document sharing, collaborative whiteboards, and more. Built for mobile team operations, DragonForce gives your team a common operational picture, allowing them to plan, communicate and act more quickly, safely and effectively.

DragonForce is cloud based and works on any standard web browsers, so there is no software to load and your information is always available at the tip of your fingers. Individuals in the field can install a native app on a smartphone or device and have access to all mission critical data.

DragonForce Cloud

DragonForce breaks down the barriers between hardware manufacturers and various operating systems to provide a common operating platform to2014-11-06 10.29.12 am bring your team together on the devices they use every day. It no longer matters if you’re a fan of Apple, Android, Microsoft, Chrome or Firefox, since DragonForce brings the technology your team using available commercial networks.

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Bernard D. Gollotti, CPP
LARGO Consulting Services

Social Media Strategist – Security professional with over thirty years of experience bringing security professionals together through social media to provide safe and secure environments where people work, learn or play.

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